the commute
this was taken during the commute to my office. my own driver, casual dress, no stress.
the picture was taken by one of our divemasters (thanks, jenni) and she remarked that it seemed kind of odd that all of the staff was at the back of the boat.
it does seem a bit anti-social at first glance but, when you stand at the stern, you can see everyone on the boat at the same time.
this means that, in theory, you can prevent or quickly respond to a man (or person) overboard situation.
the odd (and i mean that in every sense of the word) divemaster or instructor doesn’t count.
happily, this hasn’t happened but we will be ready just in case it does.

7 Responses to “commuting”

  1. Mojotek Says:

    Was the picture taken near Honduras?

  2. Trollmeister Says:

    Jenni should not take up photography as a business.

  3. jungle Says:

    the picture was taken leaving the harbour in utila, honduras.

    come on, trollmeister, give the girl a break. it´s just a snapshot. look at the subject matter she had to work with.

  4. So there are some fancy boats around in Utila now, eh? I seem to recall BICD has a Pro 42 when I was there in 1999.

  5. jungle Says:

    hey jamie,

    we still have the pro 42 (neptune) but the bus (shown in the picture) is a lot bigger and more comfortable. as well as a bit slower.

  6. QiSoftware Says:

    Looks like a fun job…

  7. Trollmeister, thankfully, I now can take up with other things as a business pursuit… like cute young guys looking to get scuba certified!

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