i just found out that an old friend of mine is still living in Thailand and has a really nice blog about it. if you’ve ever thought about visiting, diving, or living in Thailand this blog is a must-read. he’s in Phuket (where the tsunami hit) and has been there since 1999. check him out.

and tell him jungle jim said “hi”.


4 Responses to “jamie”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Jungle Jim Rocks!

    Glad to see you got my message. I was happy to see your name on the Scubaboard, and see you are a Course Director now. In 199, when I left Utila, there were NO CD’s on Utila. I did my course with Big EK from Texas. Hope to make it back one day!

  2. jungle Says:


    Glad to see you’re still in the game and doing well.

    Yeah, things have changed on this little island from the old days.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Not changed too much I hope..

    Now I see you have changed..where’s the big tash gone?

    Are you trying to look like the other Jungle Jim?


  4. hey i seen ya blog its awesome i like your blog n if u like to i want to do link exchange with u this is my link http://somethingbeautifull.blogspot.com/

    regard feroz

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