and so it goes

the ongoing saga…

my candidate successfully negotiated the labyrinth of “general standards and procedures” and the dreaded “theory” exams. the hardest and most stressful part of the IE is over.

today consists of open water teaching (briefing, control and delivery, problem solving, and debriefing of two open water skills), rescue evaluation, and knowledge development (prescriptive teaching).

his open water skills are ‘controlled descent’ from open water dive 2 and ‘distressed diver under water’ out of air diver in a stationary position (rescue diver course exercise 4).

the rescue evaluation consists of demonstrating how to deal with an unresponsive diver at the surface.

his prescriptive teaching assignment is from the divemaster course. “how to help divemaster candidates achieve skill mastery”.

to top it all off a squall is moving throught the area. just to make it a little more distracting.

i expect he’ll do just fine.


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