another lawyer

Congratulations Dave!

my friend dave is celebrating a momentous day today.

he’s graduating from law school and has been freed from the surly bonds of lubbock,texas.

it’s also a momentous occasion for me in that, for the first time in my long life (some would say it’s too long already), i have finally met a lawyer i like and respect. (and you have no idea how hard that is for me to say.)

i believe this is also auspicious for the rest of the world because to my knowledge this has never happened before.

a harbinger of hope for humanity.

now he has one less excuse for avoiding utila.


2 Responses to “another lawyer”

  1. stromania Says:

    Thanks for the nice words Jungle. Formal schooling is behind me for a while. Now the job search begins. I am taking my lunch break from laying tile right now. My buddy Zac and I are probably the only two lawyers laying tile in Lubbock right now. Gives me hope about being Divemaster Dave Esq.

  2. jungle Says:

    hang in there, Dave. I see a great career as a diving lawyer and scuba instructor in your future.

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