good people

good times with good people

this is megan (instructor), chris (divemaster), jeremy (instructor) and myself at tranquila bar, our favorite watering hole.

megan is now teaching in africa, chris has gone back to sweden and jeremy is back in the states recuperating for his next round of adventures in paradise.

one of the true blessings of being a dive instructor is the people you meet. and they come from, literally, all over the world. sadly, they also leave.

thanks for the pictures, jeremy. thanks for the salvas, megan.

i’m not sure what i need to thank chris for but it must have been good because i can’t remember those last two days…thanks, chris.

(i just remembered that this blog is being transmitted into space. i’m not sure that ET seeing this picture is neccessarily a good thing for the future of mankind.)


5 Responses to “good people”

  1. michele Says:

    Living the good life huh?
    Here by way of blogmad,
    stop by for a visit.

  2. norrieaga Says:

    Jungle, what happened to your mustache?

  3. jungle Says:

    i don’t know, boston, i think it had something to do with shaving in the dark…i have a feeling it’s going to make a comeback.

    what have you been up to these days?
    sunset salvas just aren’t the same without you.

  4. Dive Diva Says:

    Thanks for dropping by .. yeh there doesn’t seem to be a lot of us about, blogging divers that is

    In Paradise eh? Lucky B*stard … diving in warm clear water! And no dry suit!

    Anyway come by visit any time you like … I had to sign up for this to allow comments … but I doubt I’ll be blogging here! One space is enough!

    So visit at msn spaces ….

  5. norrieaga Says:

    Ah Salvas,you just can’t get them here! I thought that amoung you had electricity all of the time now, what gives? The generator blow up again? I am still plugging away in the “real” world, I really blog my little heart out at this site:
    If you want to see what havock I am wreaking.
    We have had two weeks of rain here, its actually making me nostalgic for rainy season down there. go figure.

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