utila redux

well, it’s been somewhat of an interesting week.

power black outs (this is becoming something of a tradition this time of year), a trip to roatan (trying to drum up a little business for instructor development courses), and a reality check or two.

the power outages have not really been all that inconvenient. it’s been out during the day but on through the night so people could at least sleep and keep their food from spoiling. it’s the utila of the old days when you had to watch tv by candlelight. the hardest part is getting home from tranquila bar because no one carries little maglights for blackout navigation exercises anymore. it’s a good thing i’ve spent all these years practicing for just such an event.

it’s a good thing i took that celestial navigation course.

my flip flops know the way home.

and the stars are right there. spectacular apres sunset viewing. an excellent excuse for that extra beer. no hurry to get home. candlelight beers and an open sky. you gotta love it.

the trip to roatan was interesting. i’d forgotten just how different (and, at the same time, alike) these two islands are. we spent most of our time talking to dive shops in west end (because that’s where the backpackers go while on roatan and that’s our customer base). a comparatively expensive place compared to utila when you get over the differences in costs involved in actually getting to the islands from la ceiba.

one of the things i noticed was that a lot of ex-pats on roatan (i’m talking about business owners here) go out in town (instead of staying at home) and freely mingle with the backpackers and dive shop staff. a different mentality.

another thing i noticed was, in west end, two pancakes and a cup of coffee will set you back US$10. and this is not even cruise ship season. i won’t talk about the price of beer. just let me say that there are things that shouldn’t be messed with.

business on roatan is much more focused than it is on utila. utila is still far and away the more chilled out, laid back younger sister of the bay islands. it heightens my appreciation for this place i call home.

and i love it.


One Response to “utila redux”

  1. I know all about blackouts….during hurricane season…

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