as you can see from my sidebar i just found out that my blog is totally worthless.

(actually not true because i already got a free beer for mentioning tranquila bar in a previous post…nah, nah, nah!)

this would tend to vindicate the judgement pronounced upon me by the lovely people who ran the orphanage i grew up in. i hope they can see this through the smoke and flames in that place they now call home. i look forward to seeing them again when it’s time. i just hope they don’t let the fire go out. a good barbecue needs a really hot fire.

i love things like this, though. the little reminders that life throws you every now and then that you’re really just a human being after all.

and the timing, as usual, is perfect.

i’ve been telling myself lately that i’m pretty special in all kinds of ways. (i won’t bother you with the gory details because, at the moment, they’re rather embarassing)

the good news is, having a worthless blog means i don’t have all that much to live up to. i can wallow in mediocrity and still not lose a step.

suddenly i don’t feel so bad for not shaving today. i can cook my beer dogs (which are, unlike the scribblings of my blog, internationally famous, thank you very much) for the dive shop tonight and feel absolutely no shame.

i am exactly who and what i’m supposed to be.


10 Responses to “worthless”

  1. candoor Says:

    your value is not measured in dollars, but sense πŸ™‚

  2. i couldn’t agree more.

    thanks for that.

  3. Battlerocker Says:

    Amen. Oh, and pass a beer dog…

  4. try it again… it might have changed.

  5. Why would anyone’s blog be worth any amount to anyone else?

  6. excellent point

  7. Haddock Says:

    If this blog is worth zero then there are a lot of blogs out there running a deficit! πŸ™‚

    Your blog is not worthless. I’ve visited a few times and have enjoyed every visit πŸ™‚

  8. Chuck Williams Says:

    hrm…. i think you did that a long time ago or something

  9. hmmm.. never mind.
    Just surfin through.

  10. Andy Phillips Says:

    The dark side is all encompassing Jungle……….

    Excellent reading.

    See you for a beer soon.


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