being prepared

today is starting out well.

one of my former students (he was in one of my idc and emergency first responder instructor classes) came to me and told me about an emergency he’d just been involved in.

it seems he was on the dock when a boat came in with a diver suspected of having decompression illness. (we are the defacto “emergency room” for the island)

since no one at the scene was willing or able to he assumed the role of incident command. he took on the responsibility and got the diver to the proper medical care. 100% recovery and a happy ending. he just wanted to thank me for the training.

it’s really invaluable when people find out that this stuff actually works.

so i’m feeling all smug and proud.

i should probably not play with any sharp objects today.


One Response to “being prepared”

  1. Shirley Buxton Says:

    Such experiences warm the heart, and make the sad long ones, seem unimportant. Thanks for your share in making our world a good one.



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