blog in space

i have been empowered with a new level of annoyance. has given me the ability to spew my inane drivel into space.

at this very moment my words of great wisdom are traveling to the stars and, possibly, to alien civilizations who, i’m sure, have nothing more important to do than read this shit. i expect to be contacted any day now.

maybe they have reefs that haven’t been completely ruined by stupidity and greed. i’d really like to dive one of those.

of course there is the possibility that they will find earth and destroy us all as a result of my missives.
it would amount to a mercy killing, really. at least it would be less messy than the long slow suicide we’re working on now.

even the dolphins won’t be able to save us because we’re killing them, too.


2 Responses to “blog in space”

  1. yash gupta Says:

    even i have blog in space transmitting my ramblings in space…well if earthlings want to read it they`re welcome too.

  2. Scottage Says:

    Hello Jungle Diver,

    You stopped by my site today and posted a fascinating comment about evolving into one world government. I hope you will expound upon it, or consider writing a post that I can link to and quote from. I think it’s an excellent conept. Thanks for stopping by.


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