one of the things i do on this little island is help operate the hyperbaric chamber.

the day before yesterday we admitted a patient with vestibular decompression sickness. he couldn’t lift his head without vomiting; couldn’t sit or stand up. he’d been drinking alcohol every night and diving for five days and never, in all that time, touched a glass of water. this is a bad thing for divers and ultimately brought him to me.

today was his third treatment in as many days and he still is not 100%. we’re looking forward to another treatment tomorrow.

so, for all you divemasters and instructors out there; please, please, PLEASE remind your divers to drink plenty of water before they dive.

dehydration is definitely NOT a scuba divers friend.

we also had another bends victim come in last night but he’s fully recovered today.

semana santa is always a busy week.


One Response to “chamber”

  1. Haddock Says:

    Even though Diving and drinking dont mix, most divers enjoy a drink. But to dive day after day after night after night of drinking without trying to rehydrate is just plain stupid!

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