the electricity went off at about 5:15 this morning so i decided to walk a little early.

i started up through the point and stopped on the bridge to look east toward the sunrise.
looking across the upper lagoon i watched the sun slowly inch it’s way into the sky behind a strip of grey cloud cover. it was one of those mornings when the sun had to wrestle it’s way through and, as always,
it was a beautiful show. seeing this reflected in the mirror still lagoon made it even more magical.

rebirth and new beginnings.

from a zen point of view i had just witnessed the creation of a whole new world. a whole new universe.

and, for some reason, from the look and feel of things sandflies have been included in this new world, too.

although i usually don’t begrudge the odd meal to a sandfly or six thousand this morning felt a little different so i turned around and made my way to chepa’s white hole on the beach to witness the aftermath of last nights inaugural semana santa (holy week) party.

there’s big money to be made during semana santa on this little island so the locals set up their beer and food booths and man them 24/7. because the tourists expect, and will pay for, a 24/7 party. fair enough. business is business.

there wasn’t as much trash as i expected and the guy who usually cleans the beach was already there doing his job. music still blared; reggeaton, reggea, garifuna drums, country western. (country western?) an eclectic mix fully appreciated only when you can hear them all at the same time.

this is day two of the tourist onslaught and it’s expected to continue until friday afternoon. yesterday it was estimated that about 350 people arrived. that will surely swell to the usual maximum of about 700 per day soon. not counting the planes.

it’s gonna get crowded.


4 Responses to “sunrise”

  1. Found you on blogmad,you have a nice blog,Honduras seems like it would be a beautiful place. I like to read blogs elsewhere just to see what the world is like,keep blogging.

  2. Philip Del Ricci Says:

    The author of Bloom County described dawn as “Life’s little reset button”.

    P. Del Ricci – Dark Glass

  3. Pete Faulkner Says:

    Hiya Jungle

    God how I miss those Semana Santa parties out front of our little home…NOT!!

    Looks like things are moving forward for us Ozzie wise. “Will keep you in the loop” someone I’m sure would say.

  4. The Complimenting Commenter Says:

    Those are some wonderful thoughts about the sunrise. I’m glad that it’s not too crowded yet. Great post.

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