power corrupts

it always amazes me when i watch someone turn into their true self when put in a position of power. even though i’ve seen it hundreds of times before.

it happens every single time. you really can see the metamorphosis from the facade to the real being.

it’s a true test of character. and most people fail miserably. they always have great “new” ideas and grand schemes. and they honestly believe that they are the very first person ever to come up with this. it’s never been tried before. it’s not “improved” thinking. it’s really unique, never before invented, totally, radically new.

this way of thinking has nothing to do with the fact that they have no experience or background in whatever situation it is they find themselves in. it’s in the nature of a spiritual event. they’ve been anointed by god himself.

it’s during this transformation from man to god that the truth lies.

it’s almost never pretty.

and i’m having to sit through this shit again.


2 Responses to “power corrupts”

  1. Katina Mooneyham Says:

    That’s human nature for ya I guess! Makes me glad I don’t have a want to be in a position of power. I’m happy and content here in my own little world.

    This gives me something to write about today. Thanks.

  2. Haddock Says:

    A very true and perceptive post. I have known people who have been promoted and say ‘You have to let me know if I change’. Normally the change is quick and they definately do not like being told the news! 🙂

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