there’s a ranking system on the blog browser i use that runs on a scale of 1 – 10. the people that read your blog can rate you based on what they think of your blog.

www.blogmad.net (it’s about the ratio 1 – 1)

i believe you start out with a rank of 5 (at least i did) and i had worked my blog up to a whopping 5.2. well…this morning i looked and my ranking is now down to a 5.17. i guess i must have pissed somebody off. i just have one thing to say…

bite me.

on another note…i love the blues.

a couple of years ago i noticed that most blues harmonica players i was seeing on the ‘net were old, fat, and ugly. this thought kind of percolated in my mind for a while and , one day, i saw my reflection in a window.

“wait a minute…old — check; fat — check; ugly — check, check…i’m a blues man!”

it was right about that time that a friend of mine (thanks, angie) happened to give me a harmonica (it weighed too much for her backpack; angie travels light). i thought i was having an epiphany. other friends gave me a cd and book about learning to play the blues harp (thanks kat and gary). they moved away shortly thereafter. i wonder if there’s a connection.

anyway i’ve been practicing (i had high hopes in the beginning. after all…how hard could it be? this was before i knew about bends and overblows).

i like to take the harp with me on my morning walks and practice where no one can hear me. this is as much for humanitarian reasons as anything else.

today on my walk down to blue bayou i was “playing” when i heard a dog start barking. he was barking at me. now, i’ve grown up with (some say raised by) and around dogs most of my life and, as a result, i’ve been able to pick up some of the language. he was saying “woof, woof, ruff” which is dog for “encore, encore!”

well i kept walking back home and he must have followed me for half a mile barking all the while.

i have a fan.


3 Responses to “rank”

  1. Don’t worry about the rankings; it’s just a bunch of people voting everyone down so their own blogs look better.

  2. Michele Says:

    Glad you were able to understand ‘dogese’,,,at least it wasn’t howling!

  3. Elfstone Says:

    Here I am, clicking on comments quite randomly and I see the one of two people who commented on my blog? Is that weird? Hi omni!
    I like your template jungle 🙂

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