pinky and the brain

pinky and i were supposed to go to roatan today to try and take over the world .

and although i really want to go and see some friends there i just can’t justify the cost.

he’s just back from course director school and is all on fire with grand new ideas and schemes. i remember when i was that way. i’m just more battle hardened these days. or cynical. whatever.

he doesn’t realize yet the extent of the competitions’ reach. the dark side has several years head start and a mangement team who has believed in and fully supported him from the start. it’s hard to compete with that when your on your own. not impossible, though. you just have to deal with a lot of discouraging issues before you can do the things you need to do. a lot slower pace of progress.

unfortunately he’ll learn.

the weather has calmed down and the sea is flat calm. a good day for diving. i will be taking full advantage of these conditions this afternoon. it’s amazing how much stress scuba diving relieves. especially when the water’s warm and the vis is good. “hello, my name is jungle and i’m a champagne diver.” yeah, yeah.

i’m going to start working more with the divemaster classes. we have gotten almost no idc candidates from there lately and, by all rights, that should be where we get most of them. so i’m sticking my nose into someone else’s program. stirring up all kinds of shit.

should be fun.


One Response to “pinky and the brain”

  1. Orikinla Osinachi. Says:

    Have a great weekend.

    God bless.

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