i think the grackle was right.

my luck is changing. i don’t know anything specific but there’s a change in the air. i can feel it. i can smell it.
good things are happening to friends of mine. good people who deserve good things.

dunia got her restaurant and bar back today. it seems deadwood is as talented at losing money in that business as he is at losing money in the dive business. the amazing part of this is that the owners actually
took steps toward that end. this is a very encouraging sign. today (lunch) was her first day back and she’s already got a full restaurant. this is a time of restoring faith.

and i feel a surge of new growth is starting to happen in my own life. i’ve been living on this island for ten years and, while i’ve truly loved most of it, this was the first time i’ve actually been shit on by a bird. i’ve been accepted. approved. initiated.

and i know enough to be grateful for the bad times. they teach you to appreciate the good times.

but…as a friend of mine used to say…”i know that when one door closes another one opens but, man, these hallways are a bitch.”



4 Responses to “luck”

  1. Haddock Says:

    Thats a great saying about the hallways & doors 🙂

    I think its good for everyone to get crapped on by a bird from time to time 🙂

  2. michele Says:

    I didn’t think it was funny when one of those bastards dived bomb me. It’s bad enough when they shit on my car!

  3. ariadneK, Ph.D. Says:

    Very cool blog; I look forward to reading more. 🙂

  4. katgirl Says:

    No Jungle

    “As one door closes another SLAMS in your face”…… my dear old and deeply pessimistic grandfather would say.

    Along with other classics like “Life is like a bloody bananna skin” and “We’re all end up in Carey Street” a reference to the street behind the bankruptcy court. His standard greeting to a family member of “I fear the worst” has probably informed my own sunny outlook on life. But with a family like mine who can blame him.

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