another amazing sunset

i love those sunsets that have to fight their way through the clouds sending spokes of colored light in every direction before finally diving into the sea.

especially when i can share them with friends from the tranquila bar dock. with an ice cold beer.

a lot of my friends (not that I have that many) seem to be leaving the island lately. some for opportunity, some for hard life choices. that’s the biggest problem with living in a place like this. you keep losing family.
and the longer you’re here the harder it gets to let new people in. i know it’s the same in “real life” it’s just that it seems more noticable here.

today i start the “fix my stove” quest in ernest. i know intellectually that playing with matches and propane in an enclosed space is not the smartest thing i’ve ever done but, somehow, it just seems like a good idea today.
after that (if there is an after that) i plan to stand on a rickety plastic chair in my shower and try to fix my showerhead. don’t worry, i’m going to tie a safety line to the shower curtain rod.

it’s a good day to tempt fate.

it’s time for me to quit drinking tequila again. i’m starting to hear rumors about myself that sound a little too close to the truth. in the last two weeks alone i’ve actually been in the bar until closing. at least once i stayed after lights out. for two hours. this has to have something to do with the new “mustacheless” jungle. my evil twin.

i think i’m going to start spreading the infamous beer dogs around the island again. once a week i’ve decided to try cooking in the afternoon at colibri hotel. hey, swimming pool, cold beer, hot women…it’s a no brainer, folks.

well, i’m off for another cup of coffee.

have fun.


3 Responses to “amazing”

  1. Jungle Jim…it’s been a little while. We’ve been a bit out of touch, I didn’t even know that you became a course director! Congratulations! Reading your posts brings me right back to Utila. I miss it sometimes, I should come visit. Did you see Trad when he was there? It’s good to hear that you are well. I’ll check in on your blog once in a while. I have a photo blog if you want to see what I’ve been up to… I miss you, I would love to chat for a while and catch up sometime. 🙂
    Till then,

  2. Tatyana!

    It’s good to hear from you. What have you been up to?

    I hope everything is good.

    Utila has changed quite a bit yet it still manages to stay the same.

    More cars, trucks, atvs and golf carts than you might imagine.

    There’s a Utila Aggressor now. Owned by Troy Bodden at Laguna Beach/Watersports.

    I’m still here. I’m thinking more and more about the possibility of leaving
    but I just can’t seem to find a place that moves me. So I guess I’ll just stay here for a while longer.

    Let me know you’re alright.


  3. Philip Del Ricci Says:

    Your BLOG is deceiptively simple. I’ve had it open in a separate window and have been reading a post or 2 when I have the time. I seem to be getting hooked. No wonder they are so cautious with those ‘south of the border’ imports.


    P. Del Ricci – Dark Glass

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