i’m just about to give up on trying to make my propane tank work.

(it gives me something to do).

i thought at first it just didn’t set right so i put some dive weights on top of the valve. 18 lbs of them. so I guess i’m going to have to ask archie lee to swap it for another one.

the widowmaker shower head in my shower is no longer jungle friendly.

(keep those comments to yourselves thank you very much)

and i slammed another gecko in the door.

chris and amanda stole my secret sauce recipe for my internationally famous beer dogs last night. just because i was late in getting here.

(i was busy)

these things would be enough to piss off a lesser man but i’m not going to let such mundane events get to me like that. there’s a life out there and i’m going to get it before someone else does. damn the torpedos. pass the salva vida.

for those of you who told me to stop wingeing about the rain i’d just like to remind you that you chose to live in those dreary places that are all cold and stuff. i tried to stop you but, as usual, you chose to ignore the voice of experience and sagacity.

(look it up)

this morning i had a nice walk from past the old airstrip and all the way back to blue bayou. i like the time between when all the drunks have staggered off to bed and the “normal” people get up and start moving about. it’s like my own little ghost town. the east wind is back, the sun is out, and the water’s warm. that’s right, i’m diving on a more regular basis. all part of the plan to take over the world. you’ll hear about the rest of it on cnn.

i’ve just learned that the (once) great state of texas has passed a law whereby undercover cops can now arrest people in a bar for getting drunk.


apparently they’ve solved all other crime and can now concentrate on those individuals who “might” be driven by that sneakiest of drugs to commit some horrible crime. a pre-emptive arrest. i guess it’s now a felony to wake up with an ugly fat person you don’t know. glad i made the move when i did.

the nefarious part of this scheme is that some of these undercover cops are also women. now people are not only going to have to deal with the social and mental trauma of knowing that they actually hit on a woman with a bigger gun than them but they can actually get thrown in jail for bad techinque.

oh, the humanity!

what is the world coming to?


2 Responses to “mundanities”

  1. stromania Says:

    you should have seen the special on “operation last call” i watched on national news. TABC was arresting people in a hotel bar that were staying in the hotel! To prevent drunk driving. My old roommate told me that TABC took two students out of a student run safe ride car and arrested them. To prevent drunk driving. I blame MADD.

    Glad that things are going well Jungle. It is good to read what everyone is up to.

  2. Miriguy Says:

    Sounds interesting, I mean, I wish I can be like you. Can go scuba diving everyday, and one day might get a chance to found a sunk pirate ship that is full with treasure, just like the movie “Into the blue” 🙂

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