life changing events

just a few days ago i unwittingly altered the quality of my life by shaving the mustache that had been my constant companion for the last thirty years. oh, i expected the usual caustic comments and slurs about the now uneven tanning of my heretofore partially obscured face. and the ones about how much uglier i am without it.

it was the rift in the fabric of my universe i was unprepared for.

within hours my favorite tv station was removed from my local cable company. when i went out in the street young children cried. dogs barked. cats ignored me as usual. horses neighed.

my propane tank stopped working (yes, it’s full). this is a problem because i’m trying (and succeeding) to lose weight. i allow myself one greasy fried meal a week. (i’m from texas; this is a requirement of citizenship)
so after a week of special k i was eagerly looking forward to my greasefest. the rift said “no”.

it rained for three days. this is not our rainy season and three days of rain on a caribbean island is a bad thing.
the rift.

i walk for an hour to an hour and a half early most mornings. i was on the other side of the island when the rain started. as i started back to town my right sandal came apart so i had to continue my walk in a pouring rain barefoot. it’s a long, rocky road. there are savage packs of feral dogs there. (ok, it was a miniature something, but it was very yappy) the rift.

i lost four students. well, i know where they are they just decided to postpone their instructor class ’til next month. at least two of them are going to my competition. this has never happened before. the rift.

the most wierd thing of all is the fact that i’m strangely upbeat. i feel really good physically and emotionally. i’m truly happy. the rift?


9 Responses to “milestones”

  1. C.Stauss Says:

    Hya Jungle…
    Oh well, things definitely could be worse…!!! I am about to go diving (the are forcing me to!!!). Here in Switzerland it is six pm now, it is raining sideways, temperature above water is about 2 degrees celsius, u/w not worth to mention…well at least the water is clear for once…this only because it is damn cold…!
    So any more complains about rain in the Caribbean, my dear Jungle, and i’ll bewitch Utila- just imagine what it is going to be like in heavy snowstorms….!
    love ya loads 🙂

  2. Great blog, Jungle. What a lousy day! We are looking forward to seeing you sans moustache in May (coming up VERY rapdily). We are trying to work out how to get to the island on Sat. now that the planes aren’t flying. What is going on with that? Trying to hire Celin to pick us up. Saw Russ recently – just before Ronnie died. You want to hop on a boat and row us across the great divide from Ceiba to Utila? Mary

  3. Great blog, Jungle. What a lousy day! We are looking forward to seeing you sans moustache in May (coming up VERY rapdily). We are trying to work out how to get to the island on Sat. now that the planes aren’t flying. What is going on with that? Trying to hire Celin to pick us up. Saw Russ recently – just before Ronnie died. You want to hop on a boat and row us across the great divide from Ceiba to Utila? Mary

  4. Well jungle what can I tell you
    Look fore the answers in your hart
    But everything looks like lives have his one way to
    Sow us new things, experiences and the way to show as
    The path.

  5. Hola Jungle,

    I fear I brought the sun with me, back to good ol England…it was the warmest it has been, broke me into life here nicely by the way! I am sorry that we were not able to say a good bye the night I left; you were there then you were gone! You and Utila will stay in my heart forever, I’m all itchy from lack of diving already. I am having a six O’clock beer here in memory of your daily sunset beer in tranquilla, which I had the pleasure of experiencing with you many a time!!!! I actually fear I became an alcoholic, it’s just not normal to drink everyday here, plus it’s not life saver!? I am glad you are happy and well, although I know secretly you are missing me ever so…no need to deny it Jungle!

    Miss you, lots of Love,

    Helen x

  6. Jungle Jim… always a pleasure to hear from you my now long lost friend… All I have to say is NO Moustache…send pictures!!! I myself recently cut off my long hair… so i can relate to the feelings of liberation and yet… rift? Nothing wrong with a little change to spice life up every once in a while if you ask me! Sounds like life is pretty spicey for you these days… speaking of which can you go right now and have a balliada for me… diet or no diet… I miss those little pieces of heaven!

    My brother sends his hellos… we chat about the Utila life often… not sure when… but one day you will see me again! Perhaps we will return together!

    Until then… stay in touch and keep doing spicey things… enjoy the rift… the connectedness of it all… just keep on enjoying life… and say hello to my other long lost friends there!

    Lots of love,

  7. Pete Faulkner Says:

    Hey Jungle.

    Stop complaining! You want to try Scotland in March.

    Glad to hear that you are happy and well…and best of luck with the diet. Does this mean that the intake of Salva’s has been cut back a wee bit?

    Ruth and I are off toLondon tomorrow and will be meeting up with Gary, Kat, Ben and Julio (who is over on a trip from Teguc)for a wee drinkie on Friday night. Kat even knows a place in London where you can get Salva so we shall raise a glass to our old mate!

    Ruth sends all her love.

    (Hi Claudia!!)

  8. Constanze Says:

    Jungle, my Jungle,
    I just left the island a few weeks ago and everything is upside down! Bloody hell, at least dont let the french take over ;-). But I am happy to hear that you feel good, keep the spirit up! I miss you lots and hope to see you again before the moustache has grown back! hugs

  9. the Prof Says:

    Jungle on a DIET … !!! What on earth !

    The world is truly starting to turn upside down. Is this cataclysmic change triggered by rising ocean temperatures? Is it already irreversible? Has he been caught in some ghastly postive feedback loop that will spiral out of control? It started off as a morning walk and Special K breakfasts, then a cutback on greasy food, abstaining from Tequila and removing bodily hair. Whatever next: vegetarianism? rowing machines? a complete ban on SalvaVida? yoga? body piercings? botox? a Blackberry? NOooooooooo !!!

    The BBC are reporting that the ‘Stop Jungle Change Coalition’ a broad-based international alliance of activists concerned about Jungle Change are already petitioning the United Nations to intervene. A series of coordinated protests is planned for tomorrow in major cities across the world.
    “Data from our monitoring stations in Honduras clearly indicate an unprecedented increase in the rate of Jungle Change over recent weeks”, says Chief Scientist at the WJO (World Jungle Organization) “We haven’t seen anything like this in decades. None of our current models predicted it. Until more data are in we really cannot speculate as to where this might lead.”
    It is widely believed that increased human activity around tropical coral reefs is putting unsustainable pressure on our Jungle and driving these changes. The Whitehouse continues to deny that there might be a link.
    PS. Was out last night drinking in The Bucket of Blood, Covent Garden (aka The Lamb and Flag) when I first heard about the Jungle blog. We’re having a bit of a Utila Reunion weekend here in London and the word is now out about your great new blog. You’ve already had me chuckling a few times. Great to see you alive and kickin’ mate. Will be raising a few glasses to you tonight (tomato juice, of course). – theProf

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